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Swig 63

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This awesome cap fits the wide mouth Nalgene. (Or similar bottles with a 63mm cap.) The 2-piece design makes it easy to spin off without twisting your hose up. Because no one wants a twisted hose.


  • 2-Piece Cap
  • Straw (ready for 48oz. bottle, cuttable for 32oz.)
  • Silicone Valve (+ spare valve)
  • Barb Cap


  • Cap Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • 32oz. Nalgene EMPTY/FULL
    • Tritan: 6.25 oz. / 38.25 oz.
    • HDPE: 3.75 oz. / 35.75 oz.
  • 48oz. Nalgene EMPTY/FULL
    • Tritan: 7.375 oz. / 57.455 oz.
    • HDPE: 4.75 oz. / 54.83 oz.
  • Material: Cap (Polypropylene), Straw (NSF 51/61 LDPE), Valve (Silicone)


*If you're using a hose from another hydration system that seems a little stretched out, it may need to be trimmed to create a tight seal with the cap.

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    2-piece cap


    Universal Barb

    Accepts both industry standard hydration hose sizes, 7mm or 1/4".

    Strong Handle

    Clip to a carabiner or through a strap on your pack.

    One-way valve

    Silicone valve allows air to enter, but no water to escape when tipped over.

    Protective Rim

    The rim provides extra strength while also protecting the barb and valve.


    Space Saver


    Fits 63mm Bottles

    Simple Assembly

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